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Best and beautiful location for dogs in Iceland kennels


Dogs are the pet animals. But have you ever thought that they can also be kept in Iceland kennel? Are you aware of the fact that they live in Iceland also. What actually is kennel? It is a shelter for dogs in which dogs maintain and breed. If we talk about the circumstances of Iceland kennels. We know that the weather conditions is cold and full of snow all around. Then how can a pet animal survive in this situation. The answer to this question is simple not all dogs survive their. The trained dogs basically is taken in the Iceland. If some one goes for a vacation then dogs are taken there but under various protection. Those who take dogs to Iceland have to fulfil certain criteria for that.

Coldest Place

The kennel in Iceland is one of the place where life is not suitable. This place is not suitable for human also. This place is surrounded by mountains and glaciers around it. In this place in 1924 pets are banned. It means that keeping pets here has been banned totally. But the question arises why? It is so because pet animal like dog or cat cannot survive here and they die for that. All types of sports activities like boxing, judo, taekwondo has also been banned here. The most important things that should be kept in mind is that why dogs are taken there? What is the reason behind it. You can simply say one reason that they are taken for suspecting things.

Bad for dogs

If you are travelling to some other countries like Iceland. Never ever bring your dogs there. There is quite complication while doing this. You have to go through various strict actions while doing so. Like you have to fill several forms, 4 weeks of quarantine etc. If some emergency is needed in Iceland you might not be able to get. Dogs should always know the rules to keep themselves free and healthy. The kennel in Iceland is also not suitable for dogs. Government has already banned that taking dogs to other countries is not mandatory. If in spite of that people take they will take according to their means.

No safety gears

While going to other countries like Iceland they will not allow you to take any safety gears along with you. It will be under your risk to take your dogs with you. It is better not to take them with you. But today’s world have become fashionable. Thinking about fashion and not thinking about the dog. They just want a picture with dog in Iceland and trying to post in social networking sites. This type of attitude of person can lead them to several issues.


One should always keep in mind that harming any animal intentionally or without any intention is very bad. If you want your pet to be safe. Kindly avoid to take them to Iceland. They are more safe in home other than in Iceland.